UltraGirl fans:

Happy New Year!  Hope that the holiday season provided some well-deserved relaxation and celebration.

2022 was a great year for UltraGirl with 62 video clips produced by 51 different producers.  The year also saw 13 new models in their first appearance as UltraGirl and 15 new producers creating UltraGirl content. Current roster here.

2022 was also our first trip to FetishCon which was a wonderful and overwhelming experience.  Now that we know what to expect, 2023’s FetishCon should be another great experience!

Following the events of “Zero Hour,” 3 episodes of the Ultraverse Crisis were released in 2022. 

Ultraverse Crisis episode 1: “The Shadow Demon Strikes!”
Ultraverse Crisis episode 2: “The Final Collection”
Ultraverse Crisis episode 3: “The Search”

The original goal was to finish the Crisis storyline on or around FetishCon.  But scheduling conflicts, job transitions and model/producer availability hampered our ability to finish the story.  Our hope is to complete the Crisis in 2023 in 2 or 3 more episodes.  Given the challenges faced, finishing the Crisis is our top priority and focus of our resources in 2023, with a few additional videos released in 2023, some already produced and some to be scheduled.

The journey with this version of UltraGirl has been a combination of excitement, validation, frustration, joy, and amazement.  While the name is not unique, this take on the UltraGirl character has taken a life of its own due to amazing performances by the models and great collaboration with the producers.  We owe them a lot of thanks for bringing this vision to life. We also appreciate the creativity of the models and producers putting their own spin on this character.  And we are also thankful for the inspiration of previous and current UltraGirl/Ultrawoman characters throughout the industry.

Thanks to all the fans of the genre and the character for the support they’ve given since 2016 when this version of UltraGirl made her first appearance.  The support of fans who legitimately purchase this content help keep this concept alive. While piracy seems to be a fact of life in this and all creative industries, piracy in the adult/fetish industry can dramatically undermine everyone’s efforts to continue producing content.  In short, it can put producers and models out of business. 

Anyone that has spent any time getting to know these models and these producers knows that producing this content takes a lot of work, time, resources, travel, investment, physical exertion and models’ risk of injury.  So, if you are a true fan of UltraGirl content or any adult/fetish content, please do your part and purchase/subscribe what you can and report piracy to the effected producers/models.

In closing, thanks for the support of this version of the UltraGirl character and your continued interest in what we’re doing. Our vanilla jobs do take us away from posting and creating content daily, so your continued support and patience is appreciated.  To be clear, this site is a fan site, not a producer or model site.  Everything posted here and our social media accounts is intended to promote the great content produced by the models and producers that create it.  And the rights to all of this content are owned by the individual producers/models that we site in our posts.  One day, we may open a store of our own and join the producer ranks.  For now, please show your support with your views, likes, retweets, and finances (where you can) to all of these great creators.

Have a great start to 2023!  The Crisis continues …

Adventures of UltraGirl
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