starring Constance as UltraGirl
also starring Tara Tied as Lady Tara
produced by Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
release date: 5/2/2017

UltraGirl confronts Lady Tara in an attempt to take her in. During a rigorous wrestling fight, Tara is able to remove UltraGirl’s power belt, rendering the superheroine powerless to stop Tara’s choke hold from knocking her out.

Tara hogties UltraGirl and ballgags her when she protests. Tara finds a buyer for her captive and knocks her out again to prepare her for delivery.

UltraGirl awakens to find herself naked and wrapped in shrinkwrap and Tara in UltraGirl’s costume. UltraGirl struggles to no avail and Tara knocks her out after ballgagging her.

When Tara returns to check on her prisoner, UltraGirl has escaped and retrieved a spare old costume. Caught by surprise, Tara is overcome by UltraGirl and knocked out.

UltraGirl strips Lady Tara and leaves her naked and hogtied for the buyer who is soon to arrive.

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