starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl
produced by Sensual Fantasies
release date: 4/11/2021

Rachel Adams as UltraGirl is still the captive of the notorious Dark Phantom as he continues trying to corrupt her with dark energy. But she remains resilient to his dark motives as she struggles not to succumb to his dark energy. Using an improved dark energy generator, he is confident that this will finally turn UltraGirl to the dark side. Using devious restraints and gag to further enhance her helplessness, she struggles against all attempts to corrupt her to evil. The Dark Phantom teases and taunts UltraGirl, even dangling her power belt in front of her as she strains to reach it. The Dark Phantom leaves her to his dark energy generator as she struggles valiantly to free herself. Will she get free from this perilous situation? Or will she finally succumb to the dark energy? 

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