UltraGirlUltraGirl: No Way Home

UltraGirl: “No Way Home”
continued from UltraGirls: “Crisis in Chains” produced by Kobe Lee and
UltraGirl: “Tales from the UltraVerse” produced by Velvets Fantasies

prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 21c

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starring Kobe Lee, Arielle Lane, Jacquelyn Velvets and Sage Pillar
and Scott Torvea as Rex Ruthless
original release date: 5/16/2023

3 UltraGirls from 3 different universes (KOBE LEE, ARIELLE LANE, JACQUELYN VELVETS) remain trapped on Earth D without their power belts. Their only chance to find their way home is to locate this universe’s UltraGirl and get her help. And they must return home before the crisis that they all have heard of begins.

After locating Earth D’s UltraGirl (SAGE PILLAR) on the internet, the 3 powerless UltraGirls stage a kidnapping to try and get her attention. After Sage receives the distress call at work, she springs into action as UltraGirl!

While Jacquelyn plays the part of the kidnapping victim, Kobe and Arielle hide to await Sage’s arrival. Once Sage arrives and removes Jacquelyn’s gag, Jacquelyn calls out to her two doppelgangers only to find out that they have been captured by Rex Ruthless! Once Rex subdues Sage with a freeze ray, he takes her power belt while the other 3 can only struggle helplessly and watch.

Rex takes his four captives into another part of the warehouse and places them in four separate bound and gagged predicaments without their boots. As they struggle against their bonds, Rex taunts them one by one and as a group. He laughs in delight having started with two UltraGirls and ending up with four to keep as part of his warehouse collection. Rex leaves them to ponder their fate and they struggle desperately to break free. Eventually, Sage breaks from her bonds and frees her sisters.

Once the four UltraGirls are free, they compare notes and are forced to contemplate life on Earth D as normal women. Suddenly, they hear a storm approaching outside. The skies turn red and bolts of lightning criss cross in the darkening skies.

Kobe gasps: “Oh no. The crisis is here!”

A white burst of energy approaches Earth D from the red skies above, engulfing the entire planet.

To be continued in Ultraverse Crisis!

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