first appearance of Jamie Knotts as UltraGirl
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 4/23/2020

UltraGirl lands outside the villain’s lair and enters through the window. She walks through the hideout searching for clues. From behind, the villain sneaks up on her and pulls down a black hood over her head and sends her to the floor!

Now laying on the floor, the villain rolls her over and removes her power belt! He then carries her over his shoulder as he takes her to his secret location.

UltraGirl now without her belt and boots…she finds herself bound with rope at her ankles, knees, crotch roped and tied with her arms over her head. The tight rope attached to the ceiling pulling her up on her tip toes!

UltraGirl struggles around to try to escape but can’t loosen the ropes! She tries to yell through her gag, but drools down her shiny leotard!

The villain comes back to taunt her as he waves her power belt in her face! He adds the black hood back over UltraGirl’s  head and leaves her to struggle………