first appearance of Madalynn Raye as UltraGirl
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 8/20/2020

UltraGirl Madalynn gets ready for a day at the office, she takes her time to ensure her costume will be covered by her business wear, and decides to read the news to see if there’s any evil afoot. 
After she slides her shoes on, she notices she left her belt in the closet but when she goes to retrieve it, she’s blasted with some sort of inhalant and stumbles backwards in a haze till she hits the floor, sprawled like a starfish. 
When she awakens she’s bound in rope! If only she had her belt the intruder wouldn’t stand a chance.
Ballgagged and left to struggle and writhe on the floor, who knows how long it’ll take for UltraGirl to get out of this predicament  or what peril the city faces now that she’s been caught and held captive!

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