UltraGirlJacquelyn Velvets as UltraGirl and Sage Pillar as Bombshell

UltraGirl Meets Bombshell

The Brave and The Bound
UltraGirl and Bombshell in Whose Universe Is It Anyways?
starring Jacquelyn Velvets as UltraGirl
Sage Pillar as Bombshell
and Kobe Lee as The Black Cat
release date: 6/8/2024
written by SH Binder
Bombshell created by Lady Jane
UltraGirl and The Black Cat created by SH Binder

purchase here on clips4sale: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/32014/29245199/the-brave-and-the-bound-whose-universe-is-it-anyways-ultragirl-and-bombshell-vs-the-black-cat-in-a-bondage-did-superheroines-orgasm-control-movie

synopsis: Legends collide as UltraGirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) and Bombshell (Sage Pillar) meet for the first time. UltraGirl, once again, is on the trail of The Black Cat (Kobe Lee), following clues that The Cat has left behind that leads the crimefighter to a warehouse. Meanwhile, Bombshell arrives as the same location to get to the bottom of the mayhem in Capital City.

The two superheroines encounter each other and the surprise meeting leads to a short misunderstanding. Once they realize the are on the same side, they begin to compare notes when suddenly, The Black Cat emerges and gets the jump on Bombshell.

Once The Cat scratches Bombshell with one of her knockout claws and removes her power belt, she threatens to finish her for good unless UltraGirl surrenders her power belt. Reluctantly, UltraGirl hands over the power belt and Black Cat is able to subdue the weakened heroines.

Later, UltraGirl and Bombshell find themselves rope bound and helpless with devices lashed between their legs. The Black Cat returns to taunt the heroines and even unmasks the helpless Bombshell, revealing her secret identity, The Black Cat intends to leave to take on Bombshell’s billonaire identity.

She leaves the two heroines in a diabolical “cumming and going” trap. Once the vibrator on one heroine causes her to orgasm, it sends an electric shock into the other heroine and starts her vibrator. When the second heroine orgasms, it shocks the first one. The Black Cat taunts, “Each shock and orgasm will continue to intensify until one of you … goes.”

After cleavegagging UltraGirl and Bombshell, she leaves the two heroines to their fate. Can the superheroines escape before the cumming and going traps ends them both?!

fun facts and the story behind The Brave and The Bound

After writing years of solo adventures and team ups with UltraGirl doppelgangers in the lead up to Ultraverse Crisis, I started looking for opportunities for UltraGirl to team up with other superheroines. Some producers had paired up UltraGirl with established heroines in the past. One of the first videos I commissioned this year was a team up with Wonder Woman in Trap of The Black Cat! starring Randy Moore as UltraGirl and Coco as Wonder Woman vs Christina Carter as The Black Cat produced by Classic Superheroine Fetish.

I have always been a fan of the writings of Lady Jane in her Dangerotica blog. Over the years, Lady Jane had also become an UltraGirl fan. We have collaborated on a few blog posts together, sharing our love of the genre and of UltraGirl.

Some tweets back and forth in late 2023 and this article on Lady Jane’s blog led to the idea of having UltraGirl cross over into Lady Jane’s Perilverse or have one of Lady Jane’s characters (Bombshell) meet UltraGirl in the Ultraverse. The opportunity to have my creation UltraGirl team up with a character that was created by another fellow fetish fan was too good to pass up.

With Lady Jane leaning towards Sage Pillar to play Bombshell, I reached out to her via email to check her interest in January 2024. She said yes! Once we had our Bombshell actress, Lady Jane and I worked on finding items that could make up the live action Bombshell costume (or at least close to it) and a story treatment. This was the original concept:

I think the script can be simple in that one heroine could be investigating a crime, the 2nd heroine arrives and discovers the first one at the crime scene. A misunderstanding arises, a battle ensues, and, weary from the battle, they are both easily subdued by the villain.

From this early treatment, Lady Jane and I traded emails until we agreed to the bulk of what would make it into the script. The winter months were spent trying to get the costume pieces in to Sage and have her try the costume on. We had a few challenges with Amazon, but once the pieces came in and Sage returned home from one of her tours, she was able to send photos.

Meanwhile, with all of the models available to play UltraGirl, I had to narrow it down to 1) a city where Sage would be travelling to, 2) a city where an UltraGirl model lived, 3) a city where a producer lived that I had worked with before on a complex script, and 4) a city where a location existed that could be used for the shoot. Filming this at FetishCon was also a consideration. With all of those components in mind, the best option was Atlanta with Kobe Lee producing and playing The Black Cat and Jacquelyn Velvets playing UltraGirl. We were also able to access the talents of Scott Torvea for the shoot.

The shoot was May 8, 2024. Kobe edited the video with Scott offering an assist on the special effects. I edited the opening intro montages of Bombshell and UltraGirl. Kobe delivered the custom video to me on June 2, 2024 and the video went for sale on Clips4Sale on June 8, 2024.

All in all, it took about 6 months to see this vision come to life. I’m ultra thankful to Lady Jane for letting me “borrow” Bombshell for a video team up with UltraGirl and to Kobe, Sage, Jacquelyn and Scott for producing this project.

One final fun fact: The masthead title, The Brave and the Bound is an homage to the DC Comics title The Brave and the Bold published from 1955-1983 which featured mostly team ups between DC characters, mostly Batman and a guest star. The series inspired an animated TV show of the same name. This masthead was also used in the recent release by Abby Dandy featuring UltraGirl and The Rocketeer.

Who will team up with UltraGirl next? Stay tuned …

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