UltraGirlHannah Perez as UltraGirl

Hannah Perez as UltraGirl

Hannah’s first appearance as UltraGirl was in “UltraGirl vs UberGirl” 4K produced by Hannah Perez’s Heroines of Fetishland on 7/28/2022. The clip reached #1 for SUPERHEROINES on clips4sale on 7/31/2022.


starring Hannah Perez in her first appearance as UltraGirl
also starring Rachel Adams as UberGirl

produced by Heroines of Fetishland

original release date: 7/28/2022

© 2022 Hannah Perez’s Custom Fetish Production

When Rachel has been taken hostage, UltraGirl (Hannah Perez) arrives to save her. Once UltraGirl frees Rachel, she attempts to bring her to safety. Rachel has other plans as she ambushes UltraGirl … it’s a trap!

UltraGirl awakens, hogtied and powerless, with her power belt and her boots removed. Rachel re-enters the scene in her true identity: UberGirl, UltraGirl’s evil doppelganger from Earth X. After taunting the helpless superheroine, UberGirl ballgags UltraGirl, leaving her to struggle as she leaves to go on a crime spree in Liberty City.

Will UltraGirl escape in time to stop UberGirl’s plans??!!

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