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So, by request, I’ll be using this blog to answer some questions by fans or tell stories about my experiences in ordering custom videos for my UltraGirl customs.

One fan asked me to address “a way to contact producers … would love to get a custom but don’t know where to start and what what price point this all starts at.”

Keep in mind, all that’s in this post is from one person’s experience and my own opinions.

Where to start? Have an idea of what you want. It can be a specific scene, bondage position, peril … it can be a fully fleshed out story. If you have a specific producer or model in mind, look at their social media accounts and/or websites to see if they do customs. Don’t assume that they do. When you reach out, read and follow instructions on how to submit your request. Some producers have forms to fill out. Others require just an email. As a general rule, I ask questions regarding limitations and capabilities and I write scripts within those boundaries. I also have a general idea of what each studio or model is known for … i.e. their “brand” and I try to write something that I hope will sell well. Ultimately, it’s a business and no one is in business to lose money.

Prices vary depending on complexity of the script and the length of the resulting video. As a rule of thumb, the more specifics you give (especially dialogue), the more expensive the custom becomes. Some producers add charges for nudity, specific costumes, special effects, etc. And you’ll incur extra costs if you have more than one model in the video.

I won’t quote rates here. I will generally say that for the custom videos that I have paid for have ranged from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. There are some industry standards but producers can vary from those … it’s ultimately their business and they can make decisions on what to charge and what is included in the costs. In many cases, the model and the producer are the same person, so solo customs that involve a camera on a tripod and one scene can be a cost-effective way to get started.

One thing to keep in mind: when it comes to custom videos, “custom” does not mean you get 100% of what you want. In most cases, the producer, model or model/producer is basically a small business, not a large-scale production studio. Things can happen on set or during a shoot day that can impact their ability to get everything shot exactly as you write it up. So, flexibility and understanding can go a long way to establishing good working relationships with content creators. Overdemanding customers are a large reason why some producers don’t do customs any more or limit the customs they do.

Once you’ve worked with one producer, you’ve worked with one producer. Just because one approach works with one producer/model, it doesn’t mean that it works with everyone. I’d say that part of my success in working with so many different models and producers comes down to communication, respect, understanding, listening, and learning. At the end of the day, if you treat these contacts like a working relationship vs. just a transaction, you’ll do fine.

And to get what you want, you have to be willing to pay for what you want. Also remember this is a small industry/community. Good experiences get you good references. Bad experiences are also shared. Be someone that someone wants to work with, just like you would in real life. It also goes without saying (hopefully) that pirating or sharing content illegally is the quickest way to have producers/models not want to work with you.

So, hopefully this post is mostly helpful and doesn’t scare anybody off from trying to order customs. I’m here for anyone that has questions on how to get started. If you have some ideas but don’t know how or where to get started, hit me up on email: [email protected].


P.S. If you’ve made it this far, here’s a picture from a tweet by UltraProducer HollyRope, editing a Rachel Adams UltraGirl video.

HollyRope edits an UltraGirl video starring Rachel Adams

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