UltraGirl in Quicksand

UltraGirl: “Crisis in Quicksand”
preluded to Ultraverse Crisis episode 9

first appearance Layla Lotus as UltraGirl
produced by Michael Leach Photo
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 10/2/2020

This UltraGirl video was originally released on Clips4Sale but was subsequently removed.

Available for purchase at https://www.clubmpv.com/updates/payperscene?min=180 (may need to scroll a few pages to find it)

UltraGirl flies to a jungle location, where a drug ring is making its base. While searching the jungle she comes across a doll only to find herself caught in quicksand, which admits an invisible gas that saps her powers. UltraGirl tries pulling her legs free in addition to flying out, but to no avail. She sits down to try & pull free her legs, which only get pulled deeper into the pit. Soon, her whole body is sinking ever deeper just as UltraGirl grows weaker and weaker. Someone knows how to drain her energy. She can’t believe this is happening. Her struggles grow more feeble as the quicksand claims her. Nearly unconscious, she sinks below the surface, with only one hand remaining. A stranger grabs her hand at the last second and pulls her unconscious body free of the quicksand. The scene fades as we wait for answers.

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