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Happy 2024 UltraGirl fans! Thanks for your support for this fan blog of my version of the character UltraGirl.

In 2024, my hope is to blog more on topics of interest intermixed with my posts recognizing birthdays, models, producers and new content. Thanks to Lady Jane from the the Lady Jane’s Dangerotica blog for the inspiration!

Some suggestions that have come forward on social media:

  • How you decide on stuff in customs like:
    • what restraints should be used
    • how tightly a model should be tied
    • to include nudity or not
    • how many models in a video
    • etc…
  • anecdotes from custom orders, could include things like inspiration, humorous misunderstandings, lessons learned, or should have learned…lol. Those things that seemed like a problem but turned out better than if they’d gone according to plan
  • a way to contact producers … would love to get a custom but don’t know where to start and what what price point this all starts at
  • I think an article on “how to” order a custom is a great idea: what’s professional, what’s a fair expectation on both sides, usual waiting periods for responses, hurdles to expect, bet lots of people don’t order customs because they don’t want to look stupid to the process…
  • Even what makes a “good script” for those who know nothing

All great ideas! Along with those topics, I will be continuing to promote the models and producers that make all this content, recognizing model birthdays, providing updates on the Ultraverse Crisis, and any other random thoughts that come to mind.

So, as I get my keyboard warmed up, take some time to peek at the “About” tab on this site. Under that tab you can get a refresher on “Who is UltraGirl?” and a little about me. You can also find a link that lists all of the items that make up the UltraGirl costume.

Thanks UltraFans for reading! If you’ve made it this far, here’s a little BTS pic from one of the many shoots in the last 7 years.

Carissa Dumond BTS during a shoot in 2023

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