UltraGirlAbby Dandy as UltraGirl

Abby Dandy as UltraGirl


images below credit Abby Dandy

Abby Dandy UltraGirl filmography

Original Release DateVideoProducer
5/8/20UltraGirl Shiny Clothes Tease and TiedAbby Dandy
5/15/20UltraGirl Super Shiny Rope StruggleAbby Dandy
6/19/20UltraGirl Super Shiny SpreadeagleAbby Dandy
8/21/20How to Catch UltraGirlAbby Dandy
12/26/20UltraGirl’s New BeltAbby Dandy
1/3/21UltraGirl Crisis on Earth 2Imago Studios
2/22/21UltraGirl vs Henchman IIImago Studios
6/9/22Photo Set 04502Imago Studios
11/4/23UltraGirl Super Shiny SpreadeagleImago Studios
sample video from UltraGirl vs Henchman II starring Abby Dandy (Daisy Daniels) produced by Imago Studios

Abby Dandy’s appearance on the Authentically Kinky (formerly the What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want) podcast

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