UltraGirlUltraGirl Ultra Frozen

produced by and starring Tilly McReese as UltraGirl
screenshots and preview credit to TillyTown and Tilly McReese
release date: 2/18/2021

UltraGirl has cornered The Collector and he has resigned himself to take her to his hideout where he has kept his hostages. As they walk across a snowy wooded area, UltraGirl is unaware that the cold temperatures have rapidly depowered her power belt!

Once UltraGirl is isolated and powerless, The Collector subdues the superheroine and ties her to a tree. While UltraGirl remains defiant, The Collector tape gags her and leaves her alone and unprotected to freeze.

Hours pass and a hiker finds UltraGirl unconscious and close to succumbing to her frozen fate. After freeing UltraGirl, he blankets her and takes her to his lodge where he hopes a warm bath will revive the helpless heroine.

After recovering, UltraGirl expresses her gratitude and flies off to her next confrontation with The Collector.