UltraGirl Humiliating Challenge (UltraGirl vs UberGirl part 1)
prelude to Ultraverse Crisis episode 7

first appearance of Raven Eve as UltraGirl
produced by Cinched & Secured
custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 9/30/2020

The first of a two-parter UltraGirl vs UberGirl

The Collector has been working overtime, capturing UltraGirls from many different universes in an effort to secure a massive collection of power belts for an as yet unknown nefarious purpose. While reviewing data concerning his collection, he is alerted to the presence of an intruder: an UltraGirl whom he has never seen! Her power belt is tempting, but how can he ensure that she has sufficient powers to make her belt a worthy addition to his project? The only way possible is to capture the sexy superheroine, who is quickly overpowered and chained tightly to a chair. To add insult to her predicament, the top of her superheroine outfit has been pulled down to expose her super boobs, and they CERTAINLY are impressive. The Collector arrives to taunt her, gagging her with a nice fat ball that renders her confident invective to angry muffled gibberish as he leaves her to her fate! Can she escape?

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