UltraGirlAshley Lane as UltraGirl in "Bound at Home"

UltraGirl FanFic Friday

by Cindy Reacherfan (@CindyAmerica3 on Twitter)

UltraGirl, a beacon of hope in a city often shrouded in darkness, strode confidently into the dimly lit apartment. The city lights glinted off the shimmering accents of her suit. But the hero’s welcome she expected never arrived.

Instead, a silent, invisible force slammed her into the gritty floor. The wind knocked out of her lungs, she gasped for air, her vision blurring at the edges. Her last conscious thought was of the chilling emptiness that had replaced her opponent.

When she awoke, the apartment was silent, the air thick with the metallic tang of fear. Her wrists and ankles were bound by an unseen rope, its pressure a constant reminder of her confinement. Panic clawed at her throat, but UltraGirl, forged in the fires of countless battles, knew better than to succumb.

Her gaze darted around the room, landing on the objects of her lost freedom: her power belt and iPhone, lying just beyond the reach of her bare feet. The boots that usually protected her toes were gone, replaced by the cold kiss of the linoleum floor.

Instinct, sharp as a razor, took over. Her toes, usually encased in the comfort of her boots, flexed and stretched, splaying wide like a desperate starfish. The muscles in her calves bunched, straining against the invisible bonds. Each tiny wiggle, each millimeter of movement, was a Herculean effort.

She pictured her iPhone, the sleek black rectangle holding the key to her communication, her lifeline to the outside world. Her toes, like determined searchlights, probed the air, inching closer, closer. The cool metal of the power belt, her source of strength, tantalized her skin a few inches further.

Sweat beaded on her forehead, her breath ragged in the suffocating silence. Each failed attempt was a blow, but UltraGirl, the unwavering symbol of resilience, refused to give up. She visualized the energy coursing through her veins, the unyielding spirit that had seen her through countless trials.

Each desperate surge seemed to take her toes a bit closer, but there remained this space, this unbreakable space, that acted as a wall between her and the two most trusted items in her repertoire. Her body ached with the effort that she was exerting, and yet her toes danced too short to feel her weaponry in her grasp.

“Must reach my belt or my iPhone…” she groaned. “Either could save me…but they’re just barely out of my reach.”

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