UltraGirlLayla Lotus as UltraGirl in "High Stakes Capture"

preview from “UltraGirl High Stakes Capture” starring Layla Lotus as UltraGirl
part 2 continuation from “UltraGirl Crisis in Quicksand”

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produced by Michael Leach Photo
from a custom script by SHBinder
original release date: 10/7/2020

Video synopsis

UltraGirl has just been saved from perishing in quicksand. Who is this mysterious rescuer? He turns UltraGirl over, removes her power belt and begins to fondle her. Clearly not a friendly rescuer, the Villain lifts UltraGirl and carries her to a flat spot with wooden stakes in the ground. He removes her boots and ties up her ankles and wrists using rope. When UlatraGirl wakes up, she tries to break free, but her powers are gone. The Villain teases her and even dangles the power belt above her. Defiant, UltraGirl continues to struggle, even when the Villain gags her with a blue silk scarf. Our heroine continues her struggles as the camera moves back…her final fate unknown. In the closing scene, our Villain gives UltraGirl’s power belt to a mysterious, alien being, who tells us that a crisis is coming…

Preview Clip