Who’s Who: UltraGirl


Who is UltraGirl?


ALTER EGO: Ashley Kelly
OCCUPATION: news reporter, Liberty City Online Media
FIRST APPEARANCE: UltraGirl vs The Shadow part 1 produced by Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
HEIGHT: 5′ 7″
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
EYES: blue
HAIR: blonde


While working on a story for the Liberty City Online News Channel on recent abductions in the city, news reporter Ashley Kelly was captured by an alien race called The Protectors.

Aboard The Protectors’ ship, Ashley was placed through a series of physical trials, each time challenged to denounce the human race in order to spare the Earth from destruction.

With each refusal by Ashley, The Protectors progressively challenged the resolve of their captive. Knowing that sparing Earth from destruction would instead lead to their enslavement, Ashley grew increasingly defiant.

When one final test failed to get the captive news reporter to submit, The Protectors freed Ashley, revealing that the previous abductees were subjected to the same tests and Ashley was the only one that refused to submit.

Having been proven worthy by The Protectors by passing all of their tests, Ashley was granted a golden power belt from their planet Ultrania. The wearer of the power belt, The Protectors explained, would possess an array of superpowers.

Donning a red, blue and gold costume to conceal her identity, Ashley became Earth and Liberty City’s protector, UltraGirl!

Recent events have confirmed the existence of the multiverse, parallel universes existing in the same plane in space and time but at different vibrational frequencies. Each universe has their own Earth and each universe has its own UltraGirl.

Opposing forces named The Purge and The Collector have been capturing UltraGirls across the universe, obtaining their power belts for some unknown purposes. Will this lead to a multiversal crisis?


UltraGirl’s powers revealed to date are flight, ultraspeed, partial invulnerability, ultravision and ultrastrength. The power belt also provides some protection to any clothing that is skintight.

UltraGirl is susceptible to gas, chloroform, extreme cold and certain sharp objects.

UltraGirl’s powers are fueled by her ultranium power belt. Without her power belt, UltraGirl becomes powerless. In some cases, UltraGirl has been able to maintain some power levels once the power belt has been removed due to residual energy taking some minutes to deplete. Once UltraGirl resumes physical contact with her power belt, her powers return after a slow and steady increase in energy.